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Glo Whitening

Professional whitening has never been as effective as Glo whitening. Using the power of light, Glo whitening speeds up the process so that we can see results that typically would take 3-4 weeks in under an hour. Minimal sensitivity as well, this system is a great tool for all patients.

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Patient Testimonial - Sedalia, MO

Recently I lost one of my front teeth after nursing it for several years knowing it would be inevitable.  My wife, Joy and I for most of our marriage, have wondered what it would be like for me to address improving my smile because I have always had very dark and stained teeth. With the lost tooth in hand, we decided to go for it.  The results have been amazing to say the least.  The quality of the work and materials used by Dr Ehlers and his staff is second to none!  This practice at 10th and Winchester is an asset to this community for sure.

Joe Fluty

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