Root Canal Therapy in Sedalia, MO

We know to expect a look of dread when we tell a patient they need root canal therapy to save their tooth.

Root canal therapy has an unfair reputation with patients because they fear discomfort. It's important to realize that it's actually the days leading up to root canal treatment that are so painful. Root canal therapy actually helps to relieve symptoms and can save your tooth! In reality, the procedure itself should feel no different than a common filling.

Symptoms Leading to Root Canal Treatment

As with all conditions, symptoms can vary wildly from patient to patient. Here are some of the most common signs that you may need a root canal to protect your oral health:

  • Swelling in the jaw or faceroot canals in sedalia mo
  • Throbbing pain
  • Pain when you lie down
  • Discoloration of your tooth
  • A small pimple-like lesion on the gums
  • Sensitivity to hot foods and beverages
  • Pain when chewing or placing pressure on the tooth

If you experience any of these symptoms, don’t wait to call us. Acting fast may make all the difference when it comes to saving your tooth. When left untreated, the infection inside your tooth can progress to the point where an extraction becomes necessary.

Root Canal Therapy

As with all procedures in our office, we want you to feel comfortable and will make sure you are numb so you don’t feel a thing.

Dr. Ehlers will start by making a tiny access into your tooth. He will then use our high-tech root canal equipment to gently remove the diseased tissue and bacteria from inside the root canals of your tooth.

Next, he will place a medication that will keep the infection from reoccurring and also promotes proper healing. He will fill the canals of your tooth with a rubber-like material and seal the access point with a temporary filling. 

Your body’s natural immune response will kick in and assist in the healing process. 

After Root Canal Therapy

Young woman smiling with Root Canals Sedalia MOOnce treatment is complete, we will give you time to heal properly – usually a couple of weeks. Then we will have you return to the office to make sure there is still no sign of infection. 

At this point, if your tooth has healed properly, we will recommend a permanent restoration to protect your tooth. In most cases, a dental crown will be necessary because teeth can become brittle after root canal treatment.

Why Go Through All This Trouble to Save One Tooth?

Sure, it probably seems easier to extract a tooth and save the hassle of these heroic efforts for one tooth. But losing a tooth can mean a whole host of other dental issues to deal with:

  • Shifting bite
  • Periodontal disease
  • A gap in your smile
  • More expensive tooth-replacement options
  • Bone loss
  • Continued tooth loss

That is why we strive to protect and preserve your teeth! Ultimately, it is best for your oral health.

Contact Us if You Have Tooth Pain in Sedalia, MO

If you have tooth pain in Sedalia, MO, give us a call! We can often treat dental emergencies on the same day, and we welcome new patients to our office.