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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Cosmetic Dentistry

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If you are new to Sedalia and need a family dentist, you probably have some questions about our dental office and the care we provide.

Here are some of our common questions, but if you do not see yours listed here, use our handy contact form to send us an email or just pick up the phone and give us a call. All questions are welcome. We want you to feel confident in your choice of dentists.

Cosmetic Dentistry

non-surgical cosmetic dentistry | tiger family dental | sedalia moCosmetic dentistry is a beautiful way to enhance your appearance healthily and naturally.

There are many options for changing your smile, but two standard non-surgical methods include:

Professional teeth whitening is an affordable way to brighten your teeth in just under an hour. This is the least invasive cosmetic treatment that still offers a significant change to your look. With proper care and maintenance, you can enjoy your whiter teeth for up to a year!

Minimal to no-prep veneers can be an excellent choice for the ideal case. Veneers can cover up uneven or misaligned teeth, gaps in your smile, and extremely stained enamel. Because veneers are porcelain "sheaths," they cover the front surface of your tooth and mask any imperfections. Traditionally, veneers required your Sedalia, MO, dentist to shave off a small portion of your enamel to bond the veneer, but we also offer "no-prep" veneers that do not require this. 

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We always strive to have minimally invasive dentistry for our patients, but each case is different, and we recommend that if you are interested in cosmetic dentistry, you should schedule a consultation to find the perfect plan for you! 

chipped and worn teeth | cosmetic dentistry | tiger family dental | sedalia moCosmetic Options for Chipped or Worn Down Teeth

In cases where teeth are chipped and worn, it is essential to get a comprehensive exam to evaluate the bite. Many times it is necessary to treat the back teeth as well as to protect the front teeth from further destruction. In these cases, Dr. Ehlers typically recommend night guards as well to avoid further enamel erosion.

Once we've established why your teeth have been chipped, we can work on cosmetic dental treatments to cover your worn teeth and refresh your smile. Porcelain veneers are an excellent cosmetic option that changes the look of your teeth and offers protection to your weakened tooth. Our patients in Sedalia are often pleased with the natural-looking results veneers can give them. 

In cases of extremely damaged teeth, dental crowns can cover the entire surface of the tooth and prevent any more wear-and-tear. Dr. Ehlers will be able to recommend the right cosmetic option for you.

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If you're interested in cosmetic treatment, call Tiger Family Dental to schedule your appointment in Sedalia, MO today.  We can help determine where wear-and-tear is coming from and help prevent further damage. Cosmetic treatments can make your smile look as good as new while protecting and stabilizing your already weakened teeth. 

cosmetic dentistry sedalia moCosmetic Services that can Benefit You

If you've ever considered enhancing your smile with cosmetic dentistry in Sedalia, MO, you might be overwhelmed with all of the choices you have. Whether you're living with chipped teeth, stained or yellowed teeth, tooth loss, or you want a completely new smile; there is a cosmetic dental treatment that will suit your needs!

Cosmetic dental procedures can vary significantly in price and outcome. Dr. Ehlers will make a custom treatment plan that fits both your needs and budget and your team at Tiger Family Dental will make sure you have a beautiful smile you can be proud to share with the world. Some of the cosmetic procedures Dr. Ehlers may recommend are:

  • Dental implants - To restore missing teeth
  • Porcelain veneers - For a movie star smile
  • Teeth whitening - To eliminate stained or yellow teeth
  • Tooth-colored fillings - To restore the damage caused by tooth decay
  • Dental bonding - Repairs small cosmetic issues like chipping, spaces, or discoloration
  • Porcelain crowns - Covers damaged or discolored teeth

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If you're interested in finding the cosmetic treatment that's right for you, call Tiger Family Dental at (660) 827-2405 to schedule your appointment in Sedalia, MO today. 

dental insurance | tiger family dental | sedalia moDiscover Your Financial Options for Cosmetic Treatment

Typically, insurance will not pay for cosmetic dental services. Tiger Family Dental does, however, offer CareCredit to help finance treatment plans that can be difficult to pay for at the time of service. 

CareCredit is a credit card for your healthcare that allows you to pay for out-of-pocket dental expenses for you and your whole family. Even pets can have veterinary care paid for with CareCredit; this card can cover many different healthcare needs beyond dental care. This is a great way to obtain oral and general health services that are not covered by health insurance. This financing option enables patients to make payments over 6, 12, 18 or 24 months with zero interest as long as minimum payments are made, and the bill is paid in full at the agreed-upon time. 

Our highly trained and skilled dental staff in Sedalia is happy to help you go through the approval process and determine what information is necessary. 

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If you're interested in discussing financing options for dental treatment, call Tiger Family Dental to schedule your appointment in Sedalia, MO today.  We will work with you to get you the cosmetic dental treatment you want, at the price you can afford. 

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