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If you are new to Sedalia and need a family dentist, you probably have some questions about our dental office and the care we provide.

Here are some of our common questions, but if you do not see yours listed here, use our handy contact form to send us an email or just pick up the phone and give us a call. All questions are welcome. We want you to feel confident in your choice of dentists.


Your emergency dentist in Sedalia, Missouri is committed to meeting your every dental need, including oral health emergencies.

Whether you slipped on an icy sidewalk or you have an unrelenting toothache, we are here to relieve your pain and treat your smile as quickly as possible. 

Common Dental Emergencies in Sedalia, MO

There are many types of dental emergencies, but the most common ones are:

Persistent Toothache 

A persistent toothache may indicate another oral health issue that must be addressed. 

Knocked-Out Teeth

When a tooth is knocked out, the nerves, blood vessels and supporting tissues are also damaged. A knocked-out tooth must be repaired immediately to prevent further damage to one's oral health. 

Broken or Chipped Teeth 

A broken or chipped tooth can be painful and result in further damage, infection, and even tooth loss. 

Dental Abscess 

A dental abscess must be treated immediately as it can spread the infection to other areas of the mouth and body.

Damaged or Lost Dental Crown, Bridge, Implant, or Other Restoration 

A damaged or lost crown can cause pain and result in an uneven bite, placing additional stress on surrounding teeth. 

Contact Your Sedalia Emergency Dentist Today

At Tiger Family Dental, we can help relieve your pain, diagnose the concern, provide prompt treatment, and ensure your oral health is protected. We also offer stunning and reliable dental restorations for those who require tooth replacement or repair. 

If you or a loved one experience a dental emergency, please get in touch with our Sedalia dental office right away. 

In our Sedalia, MO dental office, we define family dentistry as treatments and services for patients of all ages—even children!

At Tiger Family Dental, our top dentist is skilled in every age group, and he can move between the youngest and oldest patients with ease. He knows what to look for in patients of all ages, and he always takes a preventive approach to your family’s dentistry.

Family dentistry has several advantages, including:

  • One dental office for the entire family
  • Your medical records in one location
  • A dentist is better able to anticipate specific inherited traits in your child’s dentistry based on the information contained in the records of older family members—perhaps small jaws run in the family or other predispositions to specific dental issues will be present.

Additionally, we simply love treating families and getting to know local residents and their loved ones!

At Tiger Family Dental, we offer comprehensive dentistry, advanced services, and a warm and friendly environment.

Get in Touch with Our Dental Office Today

For excellent family dentistry in Sedalia, MO, contact us or give us a call if you have questions.

We proudly service patients in Sedalia, Cole Camp, Green Ridge, Windsor, Ionia, Smithton, Tipton, Marshall, La Monte, Otterville, and the surrounding communities.

Have you ever cracked a dental crown or had a throbbing toothache? If so, we recommend contacting your emergency dentist in Sedalia, MO.

How an Emergency Dentist Can Help 

Dental emergencies can be distressing for anyone at any age. An emergency dentist can alleviate a patient's pain, diagnose the issue, and provide prompt dental treatment to mend the damage. 

If an urgent oral health issue is not treated right away by a trained and knowledgeable dental professional, it can lead to other harmful health problems. Some common consequences of untreated dental concerns can include:

  • Tooth loss
  • Oral infection 
  • Heart and respiratory complications 

Common Dental Emergencies 

People of all ages can experience a dental emergency. Some of the most common urgent dentistry needs are:

  • Severe toothache 
  • Knocked-out tooth 
  • Cracked, fractured or broken tooth
  • Damaged or lost restoration (a crown, bridge, dental implant)
  • Damaged orthodontics 
  • Dental abscess 
  • Impacted wisdom tooth
  • Bleeding and swelling in the mouth 

At Tiger Family Dental, we take your oral health and overall well-being very seriously, which is why we offer emergency dentistry. We are here to ensure your smile stays safe from damage, decay, and disease. 

High-Quality Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry 

In addition to treating dental emergencies, we also offer exceptional restorative and cosmetic dentistry treatments to revive and repair a patient's unique smile. Whether you need a dental crown, dental implant, prompt root canal, or gentle tooth removal, we can help you!

If you need an emergency dentist, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our dental office in Sedalia today. 

We look forward to helping you reclaim your smile!


We're Connected to Our Community

Our mission is to be a community-driven dentalTiger Family Dental Logo in Sedalia MO office. We want to represent the local Tiger school district and be a steady presence of values, compassion, and quality for Sedalia, MO and the surrounding communities. 

Our office is about more than treating teeth. We will strive to create healthy mouths, but we also establish relationships with our patients that will last a lifetime

We focus on education so you can take control of your oral health in between visits. This philosophy extends to the entire family – no matter their age or level of health. We adjust our treatment to meet your needs.

Dr. Jon Ehlers is Here For You

Dr. Jon Ehlers is proud to offer comprehensive services in our office, including expanded services such as root canal therapy, extractions, dental implant placement, and sleep apnea treatment with the idea that we can make your dentistry more convenient and streamlined.

The quality of the care we provide matters and our entire team is 100 percent committed to giving our patients the best! Not only do you deserve it, but it is the right thing to do! By offering excellent value as well as dentistry that looks and feels great, we are fulfilling our mission in the Sedalia community.

Go Tigers!



Dentistry does not need to be a painful experience.

We utilize a powerful topical anesthetic that will make the injection very comfortable. In essence, we are numbing you before we numb you! This gives you double protection against any pain.

Dr. Jon is good at delivering anesthetic without pain. Our patients frequently remark on how gentle he is when it comes to their care. This is an important feature of Tiger Family Dental and the care we provide because we know that the fear of pain can keep people away from the dentist, preventing them from getting the care they need to stay healthy.


woman getting teeth cleaned in sedalia mo


We will check in with you periodically after numbing your tooth to make sure you don’t feel a thing by the time we begin. Everyone is different, and that is why it is so important to personalize this part of your experience.

During treatment, you may hear sounds or feel a little pressure or vibration, but overall, it should be painless and comfortable!

Don’t let dental anxiety keep you from having the dental treatment necessary to keep your smile looking and feeling the best!



General Dentistry

Dental Cleaning is an Important First Step

When you make a dental cleaning appointment, you’re taking a step towards your long-term, overall health. Having regular dental cleanings in Sedalia, MO, is an important tool child getting his teeth cleaned in sedalia mo against gum disease, which has been linked to heart disease.

Dental cleanings give your dentist an opportunity to examine your mouth, gums, and teeth for signs of decay or disease. Dentists may also take x-rays to look for cavities and other issues. A dental hygienist will polish and floss your teeth, scraping below the gum line to remove tartar and plaque.

Here’s what you can expect during your dental cleanings in Sedalia, MO:

  • A dental hygienist examines your mouth for inflammation or tartar using a small mirror. An instrument shows the hygienist if you have enough space between the tooth and the gums. If the space isn’t wide enough, the hygienist may recommend a deep cleaning.
  • The hygienist removes any tartar buildup below the gum line using a small tool called a scaler.
  • Next, the hygienist cleans your teeth using an electric toothbrush, followed by flossing. You may receive a fluoride treatment to protect your gums and teeth. The hygienist will also polish your teeth with an electric tool.
  • If you already have gum disease or extensive plaque buildup, you may receive a deep teeth cleaning, which involves more extensive scaling and plaque removal.

Cosmetic Dentistry

woman during cosmetic dentistry exam in sedalia MOCosmetic dentistry is a beautiful way to enhance your appearance healthily and naturally.

There are many options for changing your smile, but two standard non-surgical methods include:

Professional teeth whitening is an affordable way to brighten your teeth in just under an hour. This is the least invasive cosmetic treatment that still offers a significant change to your look. With proper care and maintenance, you can enjoy your whiter teeth for up to a year!

Minimal to no-prep veneers can be an excellent choice for the ideal case. Veneers can cover up uneven or misaligned teeth, gaps in your smile, and extremely stained enamel. Because veneers are porcelain "sheaths," they cover the front surface of your tooth and mask any imperfections. Traditionally, veneers required your Sedalia, MO, dentist to shave off a small portion of your enamel to bond the veneer, but we also offer "no-prep" veneers that do not require this. 

Contact Tiger Family Dental

We always strive to have minimally invasive dentistry for our patients, but each case is different, and we recommend that if you are interested in cosmetic dentistry, you should schedule a consultation to find the perfect plan for you! 

woman after getting chipped teeth fixed in sedalia MOCosmetic Options for Chipped or Worn Down Teeth

In cases where teeth are chipped and worn, it is essential to get a comprehensive exam to evaluate the bite. Many times it is necessary to treat the back teeth as well as to protect the front teeth from further destruction. In these cases, Dr. Ehlers typically recommend night guards as well to avoid further enamel erosion.

Once we've established why your teeth have been chipped, we can work on cosmetic dental treatments to cover your worn teeth and refresh your smile. Porcelain veneers are an excellent cosmetic option that changes the look of your teeth and offers protection to your weakened tooth. Our patients in Sedalia are often pleased with the natural-looking results veneers can give them. 

In cases of extremely damaged teeth, dental crowns can cover the entire surface of the tooth and prevent any more wear-and-tear. Dr. Ehlers will be able to recommend the right cosmetic option for you.

Contact Tiger Family Dental

If you're interested in cosmetic treatment, call Tiger Family Dental to schedule your appointment in Sedalia, MO today.  We can help determine where wear-and-tear is coming from and help prevent further damage. Cosmetic treatments can make your smile look as good as new while protecting and stabilizing your already weakened teeth. 

woman during professional teeth whitening exam in sedalia moCosmetic Services that can Benefit You

If you've ever considered enhancing your smile with cosmetic dentistry in Sedalia, MO, you might be overwhelmed with all of the choices you have. Whether you're living with chipped teeth, stained or yellowed teeth, tooth loss, or you want a completely new smile; there is a cosmetic dental treatment that will suit your needs!

Cosmetic dental procedures can vary significantly in price and outcome. Dr. Ehlers will make a custom treatment plan that fits both your needs and budget and your team at Tiger Family Dental will make sure you have a beautiful smile you can be proud to share with the world. Some of the cosmetic procedures Dr. Ehlers may recommend are:

  • Dental implants - To restore missing teeth
  • Porcelain veneers - For a movie star smile
  • Teeth whitening - To eliminate stained or yellow teeth
  • Tooth-colored fillings - To restore the damage caused by tooth decay
  • Dental bonding - Repairs small cosmetic issues like chipping, spaces, or discoloration
  • Porcelain crowns - Covers damaged or discolored teeth

Contact Tiger Family Dental

If you're interested in finding the cosmetic treatment that's right for you, call Tiger Family Dental at (660) 827-2405 to schedule your appointment in Sedalia, MO today. 

image of a dental crown in sedalia moDiscover Your Financial Options for Cosmetic Treatment

Typically, insurance will not pay for cosmetic dental services. Tiger Family Dental does, however, offer CareCredit to help finance treatment plans that can be difficult to pay for at the time of service. 

CareCredit is a credit card for your healthcare that allows you to pay for out-of-pocket dental expenses for you and your whole family. Even pets can have veterinary care paid for with CareCredit; this card can cover many different healthcare needs beyond dental care. This is a great way to obtain oral and general health services that are not covered by health insurance. This financing option enables patients to make payments over 6, 12, 18 or 24 months with zero interest as long as minimum payments are made, and the bill is paid in full at the agreed-upon time. 

Our highly trained and skilled dental staff in Sedalia is happy to help you go through the approval process and determine what information is necessary. 

Contact Tiger Family Dental

If you're interested in discussing financing options for dental treatment, call Tiger Family Dental to schedule your appointment in Sedalia, MO today.  We will work with you to get you the cosmetic dental treatment you want, at the price you can afford. 

Crowns and Bridges

Dental crowns in Sedalia, MO are caps that go over treated teeth. These caps look like natural teeth and are always customized to match the shade and shape of your natural teeth. No one but you and your dentist will know it’s a crown!

We use dental crowns for a variety of reasons, including:

  • After root canal treatment—The crown creates a buffer between your bite and your prepared tooth, preventing future damage.
  • After trauma—A dental crown can support a tooth injured through trauma or deep decay.
  • To conceal tooth flaws—A dental crown can cover discoloration, cracks, and an abnormally shaped tooth.
  • To anchor a dental bridge—Dental crowns connect restoration teeth to healthy teeth to complete your smile.
  • To cap a dental implant—A dental implant is a tooth root replacement, and the crown tops it to replace your lost tooth.

Dental crown longevity is based on several factors, including regular dental care, an excellent oral hygiene routine, and good habits.

If you follow your dentist’s advice, a dental crown can last for up to 10 years and even longer. Some dental crowns last for life.

Talk to Your Sedalia, MO Dentist

If you have a damaged tooth or want more information about our quality dental crowns, reach out to a team member today.

A dental crown in Sedalia, MO looks like a hollowed-out tooth. But when placed over a treated tooth, it looks just like neighboring teeth.

A dental crown can support a broken tooth, conceal a flawed tooth, and even work in tooth replacement technology.

In our dental office, we customize our dental crowns to fit and function as intended. With our crowns, you’ll be able to smile with confidence, enjoy your favorite meals, and forget that you even have a tooth crown.

We rely on quality materials to fabricate our dental crowns, which are shaped and colored to match your smile. As a result, your crown will be indistinguishable from your natural teeth.

To help ensure proper fit and impression comfort, we rely on digital impressions. This technology means you’ll not have to endure goopy impression materials in your mouth. Digital impressions are far more accurate and comfortable.

When your crown arrives at our dental office, you come in for final adjustments and last-minute shading. We also provide tips on how to best care for your new crown.

Need a Dental Crown? Talk to Your Sedalia, MO Dentist

If you would like to schedule an exam or talk to us about dental crowns, we would love to hear from you today.

Dental Implants


Dental Implants are Routine and Comfortable

One of the biggest misconceptions about dental implants is that they are an invasive, painful procedure...that's not the case at all! The placement of dental implants is a routine, comfortable experience that can be done with local anesthetic very much like a filling or crown. With any procedure at Tiger Family Dental, it is our priority to make it a comfortable, pain-free experience, and dental implants are no exception. Dental implant appointments are typically less than one hour in length, and minimal to no pain.


woman with dental implants in sedalia mo


Minimal discomfort after the procedure is common, but over the counter anti-inflammatories (Ibuprofen, Aleve) will help with any discomfort that may occur. Resorbable sutures are commonly placed following implant placement, they will not require another appointment as they will fall out on their own in typically 2-5 days.

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Don't let the fear of pain keep you from achieving the smile you deserve! Schedule your free consult today to see if dental implants would be a good option for you!


We Don't Take Extractions Lightly

We never take an extraction lightly because all your teeth play an important role in your oral health. Despite our best efforts, however, we may have to extract a tooth due to decay, fracture, periodontal disease, or trauma.

If you have had an extraction at another office but have not yet discussed a proper replacement option, we can help.

Replacing teeth is necessary to maintain adequate bone to support the jaws.


dental implant diagram | top dentist sedalia mo


Without replacement, your adjacent teeth can tip into the gap in your smile, and your opposing teeth can grow down or up excessively without the tooth to oppose it. This process can expose the root of your tooth, which creates sensitivity and increases the risk of decay in your root. Eventually, it can lead to more tooth loss, perpetuating the cycle.

It is best to replace your tooth as soon as possible after an extraction, but even if it has been awhile, we can still help.

Implants Prevent Bone Loss

Implants can serve to replace your missing tooth and prevent the consequences of tooth loss, including the possibility of losing other teeth. Additionally, dental implants protect your bone density by mimicking your natural tooth. When tooth loss occurs, bone loss often follows. Dental implants stop this process and protect your oral health, the appearance of your smile, and your facial structure. Call today to schedule a consultation.


Living with full tooth loss can be devastating. Even with removable dentures, it is not quite the same as having your natural teeth. At Tiger Family Dental, we hold no judgments and sympathize with your situation.

The good news is that dental implants are a great solution to full tooth loss, and you don’t even have to get a lot of implants!

What Are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a small, titanium screw. Our top Sedalia, MO implant dentist implants this thin screw into your jaw, and it bonds with your jawbone after a few months. When bonding is complete, you are ready for a natural-looking restoration tooth.

In the event of full tooth loss, a few dental implant posts, usually about four, are strong enough to support an entire denture!

Because implant posts bond with your jawbone, they also support jawbone health—meaning your jawbone without tooth roots can diminish and leave you with a sunken appearance. Dental implant posts help combat this issue.

Also, with dental implant-supported dentures in Sedalia, MO, you don’t have to worry about slippage or adhesives.

Contact Tiger Family Dental Today

If you would like an exam with our top cosmetic dentist in Sedalia, MO to learn whether dental implants are right for you, give us a call!


man holding dentures in sedalia moHow to Care for Your Dentures

Dentures and partial dentures in Sedalia, MO stand in for missing teeth. If you have full tooth loss, complete dentures are often the best option. If you have partial tooth loss, we recommend partial dentures. In either case, it is vital to maintain healthy gums to prevent periodontal disease. 

Periodontal disease is a severe infection of the ligaments and tissues that support your teeth. Without treatment, periodontal disease may lead to dangerous medical situations like heart attack and stroke.  

Your dentist in Sedalia recommends yearly checkups to make sure your gums are healthy, and tissue adaption is ideal concerning your dentures or partial dentures in Sedalia, MO. Your dentist also looks at ulceration and screens your mouth for oral cancer, so it is imperative to visit Tiger Family Dental to make sure everything is ideal. 

Over time you may also need a denture reline or replacement restoration as your bone recedes. 

Contact Your Dentist in Sedalia, MO

If you're due for a yearly check-up for your dentures, call Tiger Family Dental to schedule your appointment in Sedalia, MO today.  We look forward to helping you care for your dentures and keeping your gums healthy for life.  Also, contact a member of our dental team if you have any questions. 

dentures in sedalia, moIf you are living with tooth loss, dentures are an excellent solution for replacing an entire arch of missing teeth. A denture is an appliance that you can easily remove, and it is typically made of acrylic to complement your skin tone with natural-looking teeth that provide both function and a beautiful smile. When you invest in reclaiming your smile and your confidence, you want to be sure that you know how to properly care for your denture and gain the most longevity from your investment. 

Tips for Caring for Dentures

  • Remove your denture or partial after eating and rinse them off. This will keep food debris from accumulating on them. 
  • Brush your dentures daily in the evening. DO NOT use toothpaste as the abrasiveness will create micro-cuts that will retain bacteria.
  • Soak your dentures overnight in water or a solution.
  • Never leave your dentures out on the counter or out in the open, especially if you have a pet. 

Contact Tiger Family Dental

If you're interested in learning more about dentures, Dr. Ehlers, your Sedalia, MO dentist, would love to meet with you to discuss your options for restoring your smile. Call Tiger Family Dental to schedule your appointment in Sedalia, MO today. 


We Work to Make It Right For You

Dentures that fit properly are important for so many reasons! Properly fitting dentures prevent denture sores, make it easier for you to eat, and keep you from embarrassing moments.

Our patients who come to us with a history of ill-fitting dentures find solutions with Dr. Ehlers. We know how stressful it can be and can how this problem can even limit your social life and keep you from the people you love. After all, who wants to go to a restaurant if your dentures may fall out while you chew? 

We are committed to getting it right!


old couple smiling with dentures in sedalia mo


Dental Implants Made Be A Solution

Did you know that just a few dental implants on your upper and lower arch can keep your wobbly dentures in place? You will be able to eat more foods you love and enjoy laughing and smiling again – some of our favorite things!

Dental implants provide you with an anchor to lock in your dentures and keep them stable. Implants assist when your bone is simply not enough. The added benefit is that dental implants can help you keep the bone you have longer.

Dentures don’t have to be a sentence for a lifetime of soft foods and meals alone. We can create attractive dentures that look and feel great! Call today!


image of a partial denture in sedalia moA full or partial denture is a removable appliance that restores multiple missing teeth. A full denture replaces a complete arch of missing teeth, while a partial denture restores numerous missing teeth, but allows for remaining healthy teeth to remain present. 

A full denture relies on a snug fit and suction to the jawbone to stay in place, which can result in some movement and slippage from time to time for some patients. A partial, on the other hand, uses metal clasps that attach or anchor to healthy teeth to remain in place.

Partial dentures have artificial teeth strategically attached to the appliance that fill in the gaps in your smile, while a denture is essentially a set of acrylic teeth designed thoughtfully with your facial structure and skin tone in mind to deliver a natural appearance. 

Dental implants can be used to anchor both a partial or full denture, which eliminates slippage when patients are talking or eating and provides extra longevity by protecting the health of the jawbone.

Contact Tiger Family Dental for More Information About Dentures

If you're interested in learning more about partials or dentures in Sedalia, MO, call Tiger Family Dental to schedule your appointment in Sedalia, MO today. 


couple smiling with dentures in sedalia moDentures That Look Like Real Teeth

Modern dentures are designed to look real and function similarly to natural teeth. Additionally, the team at Tiger Family Dental takes every measure to make sure that your new dentures or partials look natural and beautiful. We want you to have dentures in Sedalia that make you proud to smile! And the process we undergo has several steps to ensure the most aesthetic outcome possible. 

The first step is visiting your dentist in Sedalia to make sure dentures are the best option for your tooth loss. If dentures are the right option, we take an impression of your mouth. That model is used to create dentures that fit and function naturally.

Your dentist in Sedalia, MO has fitted countless patients with dentures over the years, and we think you'll be pleased with your new smile and surprised by how natural your new dentures look. 

Contact Our Dental Office for Dentures in Sedalia, MO

If you're ready for natural-looking dentures in Sedalia, MO, contact Tiger Family Dental today!  If you have questions about dentures or are looking to upgrade to a more modern appliance, we can also help you. 

Our goal is to give you the smile you've been looking for – a smile that fits and functions correctly!


A tooth extraction means that your tooth will be completely pulled, all the way down to the root. Extraction is always a last resort treatment because even one missing tooth can cause instability with your healthy teeth. We never take tooth extraction lightly, but sometimes it is necessary to protect your oral health.

Some of the more common reasons for tooth extraction include the following:

  • A tooth that is too far gone because it is damaged by decay, and a filling, crown, or other treatment cannot repair it
  • A tooth that is broken near the gum line
  • A tooth that is very loose because of bone loss, which cannot be fixed with a bone graft
  • A baby tooth that never fell out and is potentially blocking the permanent tooth from coming in properly
  • A failed root canal
  • In preparation for orthodontic treatment
  • Wisdom teeth—the third molars in the back of the mouth—that are causing problems


woman during tooth extraction appointment in sedalia


Rest assured that if you do need dental extractions, your Sedalia, MO dentist Dr. Jon Ehlers provides experienced, compassionate care, so your procedure is comfortable. Dr. Jon will also give you instructions for proper aftercare to promote proper healing. Call us today to make an appointment for a consultation.

Root Canal Therapy

Generally, if you need a root canal, you may notice pain or sensitivity in the infected tooth or a blister or bump on the gum, indicating a root infection.

Other symptoms may include:

  • Swelling in the jaw or face
  • Tooth discoloration
  • Sensitivity to hot foods and beverages
  • Pain when chewing or placing pressure on the tooth

Our Sedalia, MO dentist will assess your tooth to make sure root canal therapy is required.

If you do need a root canal, the steps are simple.

First, our dentist makes sure the area is fully numb. Then he clears away the deep infection that is causing you so much pain. He will also pack the area with medications to make you feel better and cut down on your recovery time. Generally, you will only feel mild discomfort for a day.

Next, you will come in for a follow-up appointment and be fitted with a permanent filling or dental crown. Our dentist sometimes recommends a dental crown for complex root canals or a weakened tooth to prevent breakage.

A dental crown is a tooth cover that fits over your existing tooth, making it durable and attractive!

Get in Touch with Our Sedalia, MO Dental Office Today

If you’re experiencing a toothache or sensitivity, contact Tiger Family Dental to schedule an emergency dental appointment.


We Want What is Best for You!

Dr. Ehlers has sought out additional training in specialty services. In most cases, we can provide root canals, extractions, dental implant placement, minor orthodontic treatment, and periodontal treatment here in our Sedalia, MO dental office without the need for a referral. We can even remove wisdom teeth comfortably and effectively right here.


dentist before root canal therapy in sedalia mo


Not only does the ability to perform most services at Tiger Family Dental give our patients the convenience they look for in their dental care, but it also allows Dr. Ehlers to oversee your treatment from start to finish, ensuring that each step is done to his standards and specifications. Plus, patients love having treatment in a place where they feel comfortable.

You're In Our Hands From Beginning to End

This is especially important with certain treatments like dental implants. From the surgery to the restoration, you will be in great hands at Tiger Family Dental. Dr. Ehlers provides great results for our patients at every stage of care.

If you have a case that requires a specialty consultation or we think you would be more comfortable under IV sedation, we can always refer you to one of our trusted partners and follow up with them to make sure that you receive the best of both worlds!


Teeth Whitening

Whitening can be a side effect of bleaching due to the nerve of the tooth being irritated by the peroxide found in the bleaching agent.  No harm is caused to your teeth during the process and the discomfort will go away once you are finished with the treatment.  To help with the sensitivity during the treatment; there are many desensitizing toothpastes that you can use to help with the sensitivity.

Whitening will not work on Crowns, Veneers, or fillings.

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