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I lost a tooth. Is it necessary to replace it? What will happen if I do nothing?

We Don't Take Extractions Lightly

We never take an extraction lightly because all your teeth play an important role in your oral health. Despite our best efforts, however, we may have to extract a tooth due to decay, fracture, periodontal disease, or trauma.

If you have had an extraction at another office but have not yet discussed a proper replacement option, we can help.

Replacing teeth is necessary to maintain adequate bone to support the jaws.


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Without replacement, your adjacent teeth can tip into the gap in your smile, and your opposing teeth can grow down or up excessively without the tooth to oppose it. This process can expose the root of your tooth, which creates sensitivity and increases the risk of decay in your root. Eventually, it can lead to more tooth loss, perpetuating the cycle.

It is best to replace your tooth as soon as possible after an extraction, but even if it has been awhile, we can still help.

Implants Prevent Bone Loss

Implants can serve to replace your missing tooth and prevent the consequences of tooth loss, including the possibility of losing other teeth. Additionally, dental implants protect your bone density by mimicking your natural tooth. When tooth loss occurs, bone loss often follows. Dental implants stop this process and protect your oral health, the appearance of your smile, and your facial structure. Call today to schedule a consultation.


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