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I can't seem to get dentures that fit. Can you help?

We Work to Make It Right For You

Dentures that fit properly are important for so many reasons! Properly fitting dentures prevent denture sores, make it easier for you to eat, and keep you from embarrassing moments.

Our patients who come to us with a history of ill-fitting dentures find solutions with Dr. Ehlers. We know how stressful it can be and can how this problem can even limit your social life and keep you from the people you love. After all, who wants to go to a restaurant if your dentures may fall out while you chew? 

We are committed to getting it right!


old couple smiling with dentures in sedalia mo


Dental Implants Made Be A Solution

Did you know that just a few dental implants on your upper and lower arch can keep your wobbly dentures in place? You will be able to eat more foods you love and enjoy laughing and smiling again – some of our favorite things!

Dental implants provide you with an anchor to lock in your dentures and keep them stable. Implants assist when your bone is simply not enough. The added benefit is that dental implants can help you keep the bone you have longer.

Dentures don’t have to be a sentence for a lifetime of soft foods and meals alone. We can create attractive dentures that look and feel great! Call today!


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