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What can I eat after a tooth extraction?

After successful tooth extraction, patients may feel residual pain and tenderness in the area where the tooth was.

It is important to follow a few instructions on what to avoid eating and what actions to avoid while the extraction site heals during the healing process. 

While healing, it is recommended to avoid:

  • Eating sticky or crunchy foods that can get stuck or pull the clot out
  • Don't chew with the section of your mouth that is healing
  • Avoid spicy foods; they will irritate the healing clot
  • Avoid any sucking, such as with straws, as it can dislodge the clot 
  • Food that is hard or requires a lot of biting or chewing can irritate the extraction site

As the patient's mouth heals from the procedure, their ability to eat normally will return. The time it takes to heal can be a few days to upward to two weeks. Listen to your mouth when it comes to chewing; if it hurts or causes discomfort, it's best to avoid that food or find a better way to eat it.

Stick to soft foods during the first few days of recovery is usually enough for most patients to transition to their regular diet.

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