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Implant Dental Pain and What to Do About It

January 22, 2020
Posted By: Jon Ehlers, DDS
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Are you thinking about dental implants in Sedalia?

When it comes to missing teeth, it's natural to want to restore your smile as soon as possible. At Tiger Family Dental, we recommend replacing your teeth for your oral health, along with enhancing your appearance.

Many patients worry about pain during or after the dental implant process, and most are surprised at how little discomfort they feel. We typically put patients under twilight anesthesia throughout the procedure, and our restoration dentist will prescribe pain relievers or alternate forms of sedation dentistry upon request. Our Sedalia patients can feel good knowing that we will do everything we can to make you comfortable and secure. 

What the Dental Implant Process Looks Like

During your tooth implant procedure, your oral surgeon, Dr. Jon Ehlers, will insert thin, biocompatible titanium implants into the jaw bone. We often place a temporary dental prosthesis like a dental crown or bridge to fill in the gap until the dental implant has fused to the jaw bone. 

After any oral surgery, we may recommend that you treat your surgical site delicately. Avoiding hard foods can prevent discomfort and pain, so we recommend soft and soothing textures. The healing process may take six to eight months, at which time you will come in to get your permanent dental crown affixed. Dr. Ehlers is always available to answer any questions throughout each step of the process. 

Does the Implant Procedure Hurt?

There shouldn't be any pain or discomfort due to the anesthesia Dr. Ehlers administers. Once the numbing starts to wear off, patients might feel some discomfort. Every person has a different recovery process and time, but on average, patients may feel pain up to 10 days after the surgery. Dr. Ehlers will prescribe pain medication to kill the pain. Swelling is typical after surgery and shouldn't last longer than five days. 

Every mouth is different, so your recovery time is unique to you. 

Don't Let Fear Hold You Back

Living with missing teeth can have serious consequences for your bone health and remaining teeth. It's always good to replace your teeth right after an extraction or tooth loss. If you are interested in learning more about dental implants in Sedalia, please give us a call today



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