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Why Dental Implants Are the Gold Standard

March 25, 2019
Posted By: Dr. Jon Ehlers, DDS
Dental Implants | Sedalia, MO | Tiger Family Dental

Losing a tooth or multiple teeth can be devastating. When teeth are missing, laughing is difficult and smiling is even harder, at least emotionally.

At Tiger Family Dental, our Sedalia, MO cosmetic dentist understands how you feel. This is why he recommends dental implants, which are considered the gold standard in tooth replacement.

There are alternatives to dental implants from an aesthetic point of view. However, nothing represents a more permanent solution or imitates a natural tooth quite like a dental implant.  

What Is the Dental Implant Process?

Dental implants start with a consultation so the dentist can make sure you’re a good candidate for dental implants. During your assessment, you’re encouraged to ask questions and bring up any concerns that you may have about dental implants.

The next step is implant placement. This means a thin titanium screw is surgically implanted in your gum. This titanium screw adheres to your jawbone over a period of months.

When adherence is complete, our dentist attaches an abutment and a restoration tooth. This tooth will look so much like your natural teeth that no one will recognize that it’s a restoration.

Following restoration placement, our cosmetic dentist will give you tips on how to care for your implant. The good news is that implants don’t require special care. You treat them just as you would natural teeth.

This means:

  • Brushing and flossing as usual
  • Visiting our Sedalia, MO dental office regularly
  • Scheduling twice yearly teeth cleanings

Note that these tips are identical to recommendations put forward by the American Dental Association in the treatment of natural teeth. This is just another reason why dental implants are the gold standard. It’s important to remember that a tooth restoration cannot decay, but not caring for your implant can cause it to fail through gum infections or periodontal disease.

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