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How can ClearCorrect improve my smile and dental health?

May 10, 2022
Posted By: Holly Sands

How can ClearCorrect improve my smile and dental health?

ClearCorrect uses clear thermoplastic aligners to gently move your teeth into the correct position.  No metal brackets or wires that at times can be uncomfortable.  These clear aligners can be removed to clean, eat, or play sports but because they are a thermoplastic aligner, they are actually safe to wear while playing sports.  Because they are removable, they have minimal oral cavity impact unlike traditional braces where food may get trapped under brackets unless properly cleaned.  No messy impressions to start the process, we complete a digital scan which is uploaded into the system and is computer generated to develop the stages of your treatment.  ClearCorrect not only improves your smile but also has other health benefits.  When your teeth don’t align properly you run the risk of tooth fractures, fractured fillings, or periodontal inflammation.  This happens because the teeth are too crowded to be cleaned properly.  ClearCorrect has created over 6 million healthy smiles in the last two decades.   

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