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Addressing Your Biggest Fears About Root Canal Treatment

August 24, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Jon Ehlers, DDS
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If you are like most patients who visit our Sedalia, MO office, you probably have questions and reservations about root canal treatment. The phrase “root canal” tends to spark a universal reaction of dread, but much of this fear stems from misinformation or simply fear of the unknown.

Below, Dr. Ehlers addresses three of the most common fears about root canal treatment:

Myth: A root canal is incredibly painful

Truth: Root canal procedures actually help reduce pain

Root canals are often associated with pain, which leads people to mistakenly believe the procedure itself is painful. In reality, however, patients who undergo root canal therapy do so because they are already in a significant amount of pain. The objective of a root canal is to help alleviate pain from symptoms such as swelling or throbbing.

Root canals are performed under sedation, just as traditional fillings are, so you will only feel a sensation of pressure during the procedure.

Myth: Root canal procedures take an extremely long time

Fact: Your root canal appointment(s) should be fairly quick

Because root canals are a more complex procedure than a basic filling, many patients believe they will need to carve out an entire day for their root canal appointment. Depending on your situation, your root canal treatment will either take place in one single appointment or over the course of two appointments scheduled roughly a week apart. You can expect each of these appointments to last about ninety minutes to two hours.

Myth: Root canals are not worth the trouble, and it would be better to just extract the tooth

Fact: Saving a patient’s natural teeth is always preferable, and extraction is the last resort

Root canals are not a minor procedure, and it is true that both time and money will be required if you wish to undergo root canal treatment. However, a root canal should be seen as an investment in your health, as saving your natural teeth is always Dr. Ehler’s goal. When correctly performed, a root canal offers you the best chance of maintaining the health of your bite and your overall smile.

Root canals may seem frightening initially, but the more you learn about the procedure, the less you have to fear. Tiger Family Dental is a safe, welcoming office to visit for root canals in Sedalia, MO. Call us today at (660) 827-2405. 

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