Crowns and Bridges in Sedalia, MO

Close up of dental crowns | Tiger Family DentalAt Tiger Family Dental, we know your smile means a lot to you. Most of our patients tell us they want to be able to eat the foods they love, feel comfortable, and like the way they look.

That is why each of our restorations is custom-designed with you in mind. Even when we make repairs to your teeth, we believe we can do so without negatively impacting how you look.

A broken tooth or tooth loss can cause you to ask some questions about your smile.

Dental Crowns – Repairing Broken Teeth

Your teeth do a tough job every day – from chewing carrots to crunching on apples or nuts. Sometimes a tooth can sustain damage when you bite into something unexpected or if it is already compromised by teeth grinding or decay. When that happens, we may still be able to save your tooth with a dental crown.

A dental crown provides protection to a damaged tooth by completely covering it above your gumline. A dental crown is a bit like a helmet because it absorbs force from impact, or chewing in this case. When we place a dental crown, it is because Dr. Jon Ehlers believes your tooth can still be saved.

You may also need a crown if you have recently undergone root canal therapy to save your tooth. A root canal can rescue a troubled tooth but sometimes makes it more brittle. A dental crown provides needed protection.

Bright smile propped open with dental tool | Tiger Family DentalYour Dental Crown Treatment

We know that some patients experience anxiety at the dental office because they are afraid something will hurt. Your comfort is a top priority, and Dr. Ehlers will always make sure you are comfortable. Our patients always tell us how gentle he is and how easy their treatment was!

Dr. Ehlers will remove any decay or damaged tooth structure and take a digital impression to create your crown. No goopy impressions here! Digital impressions provide greater accuracy and better results.

Once we take your impression, we send your information to our trusted dental lab along with specific instructions about color so that your crown matches your smile. 

When your new crown arrives, Dr. Ehlers will make any final adjustments to ensure a perfect fit.

Dental Bridges – Bridging the Gap in Your Smile

Losing a tooth can be traumatic. Not only does it affect how you look, it also affects how you eat and speak. We usually recommend a dental implant for missing teeth, but some patients prefer an alternative. Traditional dental bridges can complete your smile.

Dental bridges consist of at least three crowns:

  • Two abutment crowns to hold an artificial tooth in place
  • One or more pontic crowns – artificial teeth

Like single dental crowns, we design bridges to match your smile. While dental bridges can fill in the gap between teeth, they do not preserve bone as dental implants do.

To learn more about dental implants, visit our Dental Implant page.

Benefits of dental bridges:

  • Fill a gap in your smile
  • Look natural
  • Provide an alternative to implants
  • Keep your teeth from shifting

Dental bridges do require some special care. You need to keep them free of food particles and maintain the health of your gums.

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Don’t put off your dental care! We can help you have a healthy, beautiful smile that allows you to eat your favorite foods.

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